Adam Smith Essay Competition

Adam Smith 2017 Essay Contest

African Liberty Organization for Development (ALOD), a not-for-profit organization, is inviting entries from suitably qualified candidates for the 2017 Adam Smith Essay Contest.

Adam Smith 2017 Essay Contest


  • The contest is being held in honour of Adam Smith, the late English economist and foremost free market advocate.


  • The essay is organised with the objective to give young people opportunity to study the position of Adam Smith on the market process and dynamics


  • Drawing from Adam Smith's propositions, explain how free market promotes equal opportunities

Essay Guideline

  • Participant must be a student in any tertiary institutions (University, Polytechnic, College of Education and Technical Schools) in Nigeria
  • The format of the text should be in Microsoft Word document and not more than 500 words.
  • No participant is allowed to lift materials directly from the works of any author and claim to be his/her own
  • Plagiarism automatically disqualifies any entry which contains works of another author
  • If any text or sentence is copied from another authors work, it must be shown in quotation marks and writer must credit the original author at the bottom of the paper
  • On the first page of the completed essay, every participant must write his/her full names department, and year of study, name and country of institution gender and age
  • Also include your e-mail address and functional mobile phone number

Top five entries will be awarded cash prizes and full scholarship to attend ALOD Summer Camp in Abuja in September:

  • 1st - N30,000 and scholarship to two-day Liberty Camp in Abuja
  • 2nd - N20,000 and scholarship to two-day Liberty Camp in Abuja
  • 3rd - N10,000 and scholarship to two-day Liberty Camp in Abuja
  • 4th to 10th - N5,000 each and scholarship to two-day Liberty Camp in Abuja
  • All qualified entries will receive a compact disc on "Ideas for a Free Society".

31st July, 2017.

How to Apply
Applicants must their entries to:

  • Winners will be announced on August 11, 2017
  • The essay contest is supported by Network for Free Society, Language of Liberty Institute, Kids4Biz, and Institute for Economic Affairs.
  • For questions, email:

Young Writer on Liberty Competition 2018

The deadline for submissions to this year's competition is 1st May 2018.

The Adam Smith Institute invites those in the UK aged 21 and under to enter our annual 'Young Writer on Liberty' competition.

This year's theme is: Ideas for a Freer, Better, Richer World

This is not a typical essay contest. Instead, entrants should submit three pieces in the style of ASI blog posts. You should submit one post related to each of the ASI's three areas of policy priorities for 2018: boosting productivity, innovation without permission, and practical liberalism. For example, you could submit an entry with one piece on how housing policy could be changed to boost productivity, one piece on the importance of liberal regulatory approaches to ridesharing services like Uber, and one piece on how Britain can become a world-leader in tobacco harm reduction through encouraging smokers to switch to e-cigarettes. As ever, please remember that we are interested in entries that show an understanding of the benefits of free markets and individual liberty.

We are looking for entrants who can think creatively and express themselves clearly and succinctly. As such, winning entries will be thought-provoking, well-argued, and suitably researched.

Prizes: There are categories for the Under-18s and the 18-21s, with a winner and a runner-up in each.

The winner of the Under-18 category will receive £150 prize money and a box of liberty-themed books. They will also have their articles published on the Adam Smith Institute blog.

The winner of the 18-21 category will receive 2 weeks work experience at the Adam Smith Institute, £150 prize money, a box of liberty-themed books, and have their work published on the ASI blog.

Runners-up in each category will also receive a box of books, and have an article of their choice featured on the website.

How to enter: You should send your three articles via email to

If you have any questions or queries, please contact

We look forward to reading your entries!

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