Essay Writing Format For Bank Exam Papers

As per SBI PO 2017 official notification, the two important topics of the Descriptive exam are as following -

1. Essay Writing

2. Letter Writing

Today we will be covering a example of an essay on "Women Safety" based on the format that you need to follow while writing the essay for your SBI PO Descriptive Test 2017.

Sample Essay:

The condition of women in India has always been a matter of grave concern. Every single day women from all walks of life are being assaulted, molested, and violated. The patriarchal nature of Indian society has greatly hampered both the independence as well as the safety of women. There is an unspoken war on the streets. Women wear full-covered attire to protect their bodies while others avoid the mere glance of the roving gaze.

The Delhi gang rape incident in which a 23 year old paramedical student was gang-raped by 6 men inside a moving bus and thrown off the bus naked and her male friend were beaten and assaulted with an iron rod had undoubtedly shocked the nation to its core. There is a large portion of women in India who are subjected to rape and other forms of sexual assault on a daily basis and still their cases go unnoticed.

If we collectively see the scenario of sexual crimes against women, it can be easily seen that stringent laws alone cannot do much. What really needs to be done is the moral overhauling of the minds of the masses by means of education and awareness.

Strong and stringent laws are definitely necessary as the existing laws have proved to be inefficient in ensuring swift justice and appropriate punishment to the guilty. But the actual need of the hour is a revolutionary change in the mindsets and conscience of Indian men so that they stop seeing women as objects of sexual pleasure.

How We Made This Essay

  • Every essay requires a very brief and a good introduction which explains the background of the topic and what the topic talks about. Like, in this essay we have given a brief introduction about “condition of women in India."
  • Continuing with the introduction comes the main body of the essay. While writing the body of the essay you have to be descriptive and write all your points, arguments, views in a proper manner. For example the body of this essay talks about why women are unsafe and the scenario's of sexual crimes against women.
  • Every essay requires a concluding paragraph which is called the conclusion and is as important, as the rest of the essay. In the concluding paragraph you need to conclude all the points you have written in the body by presenting a brief analysis. For instance, in this essay we conclude by stating that strong and stringent laws along with revolutionary change in the mindset.

Things to Remember

  • It is important that you stick to the word limit. Usually you are supposed to write the essay within a limit of 350-400 words. It is important that you neither write less, nor exceed the word limit. You are also marked in the exam for being precise.
  • You must ensure that your content does not seem repetitive. Repetition of words/sentences or content as a whole invites cutting of marks. Try and use synonyms in case you see that a word is getting repeated a number of times in the essay.
  • Your essay must have a flow of argument. This means that introduction of your essay should effortlessly lead to the body, which should lead to the conclusion. Disjointed arguments or breaks arise when you are trying to say too many things in a hap-hazard way.
  • It is a good idea to ensure that the conclusion of your essay satisfies the question asked through the topic of the essay. This implies that if in case the topic of your essay states a problem (for instance, "increasing rate of poverty in India"), then the conclusion of your essay must give at least one solution or reason that has been determined through the body of the essay. However, in case the topic of your essay demands an opinion (for instance, "Role of newspapers in influencing society or youth"), then the conclusion of your essay should clearly state what your opinion is on the matter.

10 months ago .

The nature of the SBI PO exam is not just competitive but quite unpredictable too. Fortunately, the Descriptive Test of the Mains paper is not a complete surprise as we already know what is expected. The SBI PO 2017 Descriptive Paper will require you to write an essay and a letter. Since most of you need a little help with this part of the exam, we have decided to put together some valuable tips for the SBI PO Essay Writing question.

Before we discuss the Tips for SBI PO Essay, we need to understand the pattern. You will probably have 20 minutes to write the essay worth 15 marks.

How to Prepare for the SBI PO Essay

  • First and foremost, brush up your English because the test aims to assess how well you can articulate information. It also wants to see how you can effectively communicate it to others. You may brush up on some of your Grammar & Comprehension skills using:

English for Competitive Exams

This will help you figure out how paragraphs are shaped. Also check these few tips to avoid some common errors:

Easily Confused Words Tackled in English

Common Errors in Degrees of Comparison

Using Articles Correctly

  • Try not to use complicated words that you don’t fully understand. While a good vocabulary goes a long way, using a word wrongly will affect your score. So make sure you use your words right. Use the articles below to help you.

51 Useful Idioms & Phrases

Word Power Made Easy Capsules in PDF

  • Start practising by writing small paragraphs on relevant topics. You can use topics asked in previous years’ SBI PO Descriptive Papers to aid you in this.
  • Next learn how to create good introductions and conclusions as well. You can begin with this list of SBI PO Essay Samplesto understand how passages should be written.
  • Once you build up your basic skills, you need to strengthen them further with the help of Current Affairs notes and Financial Awareness Notes.
  • While preparing, make note of latest events, important quotes, statistical data and keywords from your study material. Build your opinion both ‘for’ as well as ‘against’ various issues. You never know which side of a story you will be asked to explain in the exam. It will also help with the GD and PI preparation. Use these expected topics for SBI PO 2017 Descriptive Paper.
  • Since the whole test takes place on a computer, it is advisable that you practice typing on MS Word as much as you can.

How to Write the SBI PO Essay

  • What the SBI PO Essay Should Reflect:

  1. The essay should give an impression that your thought process is organized and based on factual observation.
  2. It should also show that you can gather relevant information from all the knowledge that you have acquired about a topic and convey it effectively.
  • What to avoid in the SBI PO Essay:

  1. Quality over quantity:  If you lack information on the topic, avoid putting irrelevant information in the essay just to fill the space.
  2. Give informed opinions instead of stating assumptions.
  3. Whenever there is a choice, do not select a difficult topic just to impress the examiner. Pick the topic that you are most familiar with and can bolster with factual data.
  • How to structure your SBI PO essay:

  1. Make a rough draft of your essay by jotting down the keywords/key-phrases you want to mention. But DO NOT take more than 3 minutes for doing so. This leaves us with 12 minutes to write the actual essay.
  2. Aim to write about 400 words in 12 minutes. So make sure to not waste time. Also make sure you get your typing speed upto around 45-50 words per minute at least.
  3. The first paragraph, which is the introduction, will be your essay’s first impression upon the reader. The best way to draw the reader towards the rest of the essay on a positive note, is by relating your topic to current events. You should also highlight the overall significance of the topic in this paragraph. Your stance on the topic should also be clear in the introduction.
  4. Enlist the pros and cons of the topic in the subsequent paragraphs. However, if pros and cons aren’t applicable to your topic then write about how the issue/person/event being discussed impacts the society.
  5. Make sure not to argue both sides of the topic though. State the facts (even against your side) but have a clear stance.
  6. Conclude your SBI PO essay neatly summarizing your views. Also use a quote, preferably from a famous person. Make sure that your conclusion is in harmony with your introduction and doesn’t contradict it.

The descriptive test holds 50 marks in the Main exam, so leave no stone unturned to prepare this section thoroughly. So get started now! And don’t look back!

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