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I have been given some secondary data on the school population of May

eld High School inManchester. The population contains 851 Key Stage 3 students and 371 Key Stage 4 students, fora total of 1183 students. I have been asked to investigate the data and ask questions on it so Ican set several hypotheses.

The Data

 The data I have been given is a mix of female and male data and includes the followingheadings:Qualitive Data•Year Group•Gender•Means of Getting to SchoolDiscrete Data•Age in Years and Months•Average Number of Hours of TV Watched•No. of Pets•Weight

The Questions

From the data it would be interesting to see if there are any relationships between weight and TV watched, no. of pets, age and gender as I would like to see if the amount of activitycompleted e


ects the weight of a person.


I believe I will

nd that people who weigh less and are a comparable age will generally watchless TV. This is because if people are not watching TV, they are more likely to be doing morestrenuous activities. Furthermore, I believe people who weigh less will have more pets, becausepets need to be walked in many circumstances. Also, I believe that people who weigh less willwalk to school, as that means they are getting more exercise every morning and evening. I willcompare the male results to the female results to see if there is a correlation between thedi


erent genders. The press generally says that the obesity problem is more apparent with boys,so it will be interesting to see if males, on average, weigh more or less than females. I also believethat age will e


ect this, so I will take a sample of 60 KS3 year old males, 60 KS4 year old females,60 KS4 Males and 60 KS4 Females. I believe that I will

nd in general females will weigh less thanmales of a comparable age.

The Plan

 To help me ensure I investigate these hypotheses to the best of my ability, I have written a plan.First, I will need to sample the population to reduce the number of data samples and make theproject easier to do (this will also be an accurate sample of the population assuming there is nottoo much skew in the data). I will take a random sample of:•30 KS3 Males with pets•30 KS3 Females with pets

- 2/20 -

Analysing and interpreting the evidence

This section is usually done under conditions of high control. Make sure you understand from your teacher what you are allowed to do during this time. You will need to think through what the results are suggesting.

When analysing and interpreting your research findings, make sure that you:

  • Structure your writing so that your interpretation is set apart from the findings. It is important that your interpretation is clearly labelled as separate from your research.
  • Present your analysis clearly and concisely.
  • Think about how your interpretations relate to one another. Do they shed light on a particular geographical trend? Do your results prove or disprove any hypotheses [hypotheses: An initial, tentative theory which is then tested to see if it fits the facts. ] you have set out to test at the beginning of your research?
  • You will gain marks for demonstrating a clear understanding of geographical themes, as well as a body of factual knowledge.

Evaluation and conclusion

  • Being able to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your work is a vital part of any geographical research.
    • If you had more time, how would you further your research?
    • Did you come across any problems with the data collection?
    • Were there any aspects of your research that could skew your final conclusions?
    • How do you think your own thoughts and opinions could influence your findings?
  • Showing you are able to review your research from a critical distance is important.
  • When writing up your conclusions, do not be afraid to bring up new ideas and thoughts you may have about your research project. You will gain marks by showing you have and can use your own original ideas.

Top tip

Ask your teacher to show you examples of past students' work. It's useful to see a range of different levels of work to evaluate why one gained more or less marks than another. This can help you focus on what you need to do in order to get a high grade for your own research.

However, do not be tempted to copy or download work from internet sites. Plagiarising (copying) another person's work could have serious repercussions. Make sure the work is your own.

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