Short Essay On As You Sow Shall You Reap

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As the saying goes, “As you sow, so shall you reap,” we will be rewarded or punished according to the good or bad deeds that we do. We all know that we cannot escape from the law of nature. Sowing and reaping, are part and parcel of the law of nature. If we sow good seeds in our lives , we will get good results. However, the reverse will happen if we decide to take the wrong way. To study or work honestly, and diligently is one way to sow good seeds. In order to get good results, we need to work really hard. We must not be lazy and must not have the spirit of procrastination, because when you procrastinate, you will not finish the work that you are supposed to finish on time. We also need to be and have the spirit of honesty and diligence. When you do all these things correctly, you will succeed in your work.

You will get good results which will make you and the people around you happy. You will also live a good life in the future. Sowing and reaping are not only for the students, but also for working people. There are many of them who have succeeded and there are many people who have failed. Those people who have succeeded in their work, excelled in their studies when they were younger. Those people who failed to succeed simply sowed bad seeds when they were younger. For example, nowadays teenagers take drugs, and when they take drugs, hundreds of cells will die and they will feel very weak. This will lead to a chain of negative events. If they are weak, they cannot concentrate on their studies. In no time, they will soon reach a working age but, the rude awakening is that they will find that no job awaits them except for menial jobs.

It was a warm sunny morning. Keshav the woodcutter waved to his wife, Radha as he made his way to the woods that day. He went directly toward the tree that he had marked the previous day. He sharpened his axe and started his work. “Please stop. If you listen to me, I will give you a memorable gift.”

Keshav was startled at the voice and climbed down. A golden snake slithered down the tree and kept a package on the lowest branch and retreated. He took the package home. He locked the door of their small hut and opened the package with Radha. It was a lovely model of the earth with a tree on top of it. The globe kept rotating on its axis. There was a silvery glow on the blue surface. The tree looked so real with its leaves dancing in the wind.

Suddenly the tree started talking to them. “Dear Keshav, I am the life-giving tree. When God created planet earth, it was full of wonderful things. We played and laughed together. But now things have changed. You never come to me but for cutting me down. If you protect me, you will be rewarded.” So Keshav started watering the tree and it kept its promise. The next day, he got juicy fruits from the tree.

Keshav went to the market and it was sold within no time. It was so delicious that people wanted more of it. The fame of his fruits spread far and wide and today, Keshav is a rich man.

Syed Waseem Haris, VI A, Excel Public School, Kunnamkulam, Thrissur

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