Good Movie Posters To Analyze An Essay

This was part of an assignment for Media Studies where I looked at Movie Posters, I chose to look at original Movie posters and remakes.

Through the works of Roland Barthes, we have learned about semiology and how a sign is made up of a signifier (image or sound) and the signified (the concept). To the layperson however, signs still deliver the message but they are unaware of these concepts.

Movie Posters are advertisements, made to entice the viewer to the movie theatre or to pick up a rental or purchasable DVD.

Some posters we look at use words along with images to entice the potential viewer; some use the actors more than the story to sell the movie. Some of these original movies are better known than others and rely on the potential viewers previous knowledge.

Bad News Bears (1976 Vs 2005)

Fig 1. 1976 Poster

The original film was made in 1976 (Fig. 1) and the remake was made in 2005 (Fig 2). The story of both movies is based around the story of a Little League baseball team.

The poster images for both films are quite similar however there are a few significant changes. Both images have been manipulated to look like cartoons, giving the impression that this is aimed at a younger audience.

The 2005 film poster stays true to the original design, swapping the new cast for the original cast. However the leading actors are in proportion to the rest of the 2005 (Fig 2) cast in the image. In the original 1976 poster (Fig. 1) the leading actors are not in proportion to the rest of the cast, this almost immediately gives them a higher billing and more importance than their junior counterparts.

The kids in the 2005 version have been updated have also have skateboards, making it more ‘hip’ and contemporary. The original kids are very cartoon like, almost reminiscent of the slapstick style of Our Gang/Little Rascals ( which was a film made in 1955 based on the 1928-1935 short syndicated TV show.(Appendix 1.) The kid with the skateboard in the 2005 version could almost modeled on Jay from the Jay and Silent Bob films (2001)

Fig 2. 2005 Poster

In the 1976 film, the stars are given a higher billing than the film title, giving the impression that the potential audience would first recognize the actors and then go to see the film because they were in it. In the 2005 version, the name of the film is given priority.

The 1976 poster almost gives you the plot of the story before you even know the name of the film. ‘The coach is waiting for his next beer. The pitcher is waiting for her first bra. The team is waiting for a miracle. Consider the possibilities’. Immediately you know some of the storyline and how the film may develop, not a great team but trying.
In the 2005 version, the tagline used ‘Baseball has rules. Meet the exceptions’ immediately gives the impression that these may be kids from the wrong side of town. However the placement of the tagline is three quarter of the way down the poster.

In the 1976 poster the story then the actors, the image, then the name of the film were given priority in that order, with the name of the movie not even in bigger font or in a different colour.

Fig 3. Jay and Silent Bob

In the 2005 version, the name is immediately seen followed by the image of the cast, then the star and the tagline.

The font used in both is synonymous with baseball with many teams using a similar font on their jerseys.

It could be associated that Little League baseball is part of the heritage in the USA with some of that style of typography, dating to the 1950’s.

The Hitcher: (1986 Vs 2007)

Fig 4. Hitcher 1986 Poster

The 1986 film (Fig 4.) was directed by Robert Harmon ( The 2007 (Fig 5) remake was directed by Dave Meyers (

There are stark differences between these posters. The most obvious one is that the 1986 film poster is from the driver’s point of view from inside the car looking out at the stranger who has stepped out on the road. This gives a feeling of isolation as we can see the driver in the rear view mirror and therefore he is almost trapped inside the car. The driver’s eyes have been lit in a different way to bring emphasis to the fact they have a look of terror.

In Fig 1 the image of the Hitcher is keeping with the style of classic horror films. We see the shadows of the Hitcher falling towards us. These shadows act as a focal guide to direct our eyes from the drivers eyes to the hitcher. The light from behind the Hitcher outlines his figure but we cannot see his face, adding to the suspense of who this might be. The colours in the poster lead us to believe that it is nighttime. The clouds give the impression that it could be stormy, possibly with a full moon.

In this poster, the line ‘The terror starts the moment he stops’ again bring us to inside the car from the drivers point of view. The words ‘The Hitcher’ on the poster perhaps could have been bigger
but because of this, the focal point of the outside of the car is the Stranger. The fonts used in the title is similar to that used on road markings. Perhaps this is why the actual road markings are very faint on the road ahead.

Fig 5 Hitcher 2007 Poster

The text in the tag line from the 1986 poster ‘Never pick up a stranger’ is also quite small. The small font throughout the poster gives the impression that the image is solely what will draw us to watch the film.

The 2007 remake is from the Hitcher’s point of view, he is quite foreboding and possibly looking for him next victim. We can see him looking at an oncoming car but the road between him and the car is red. This is possibly a sign that blood has previously been spilled here. The environment is quite barren, which gives the impression that the movie takes place in an isolated area.

The colours in the poster are quite desaturated and the sky area looks like it has a film grain filtered over it to give it a slight retro feel. The car also gives a retro feel as it could be an American Ford Torino from the 1970’s. ( (

The poster first refers to the Producers of ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ and ‘The Amityville Horror’. These are well know horror/thriller movies and act as a testimonial for the film.

The blood red text for ‘The Hitcher’, while easy to read, looks like it have been blood smeared on a wall, with some drops running further than others. The streaks in the text also indicate the smearing of blood. The credits in this poster are relatively unimportant as they are grey and blend easily with the stark barren background.

There is no tagline for this version of the film, however the original tagline has been used as a website address for the 2007 version, again in blood red, leaving with a gory feeling.

Scarface: (1932 Vs 1983)

Fig 6. Scarface 1932 Poster

The original Scarface was made in 1932 and directed by Howard Hawks and Richard Rosson. ( Brian De Palma directed the popular 1983 version. (

The original 1932 poster is quite cartoon like. The initial emphasis is on the title’s font. The big yellow almost bubble like font immediately catches the eye. Under this we see a character holding a gun. We only see a side profile of the character who we believe to be Scarface.

Beside him on the left is a balloon like image. We are given the impression that bullets have been fired into this as the image indicates that air is escaping.

Below this we also see two scenes from the film, not as cartoon like as the major Scarface image. One where Scarface is moving along the outside of a building, giving the impression he is either sneaking up on someone or trying to get away from someone. There is also a circular picture of him with a damsel, who is giving him a scornful gaze.

The text placement is very interesting. Apart from the main title of the film the main text is placed on the bright background with the producers name most noticeable. The fact that Howard Hughes’ name is that big acts as a celebrity endorsement. The directors name then comes next in smaller font, in this instance seemingly less important than the producer.

Fig 7. Scarface 1983 poster

The lead actor is given a slight more prominent billing that the support cast but the only reason we are aware of who is supporting is through the use of the word ‘with’.

The 1983 poster has become iconic. We see the poster split almost in two with black and white. Its simple black/white/red colouring possibly has a number of meanings. The character in the centre, Tony, is between the two, it could be black represents the dark side of the law. Or as Tony is posed with a gun, it could be as simple as life and death.

The lack of gradients in the poster, apart from Tony’s face could also mean there is no in between, you’re either in or out of a situation.

The large ring on Tony’s hand also represents the wealth he has accumulated as a result of his gangster ways, which we know by the presence of a gun.

There is a lot of text in the poster but it doesn’t take away from the central image. At the top of the poster the actors name and the title are given joint billing. This could be interpreted as the actor as truly become the character. The use of only the actors surname also embeds this.

The main titles are also in red. Again, as in the Hitcher, this gives the impression that blood as been spilled, especially when we see that Tony is posed below with a weapon by his side.

The text on the black background gives the viewer an insight into the story. The synopsis talks of the American Dream and mentions he characters name Tony Montana. However, his nickname is emphasized by being used in block capitals ‘…SCARFACE’. It suggests that he is not a nice person.
Lower down the poster the text says ‘ He loved the American Dream. With avengeance’

The opposite side of the poster lists the credits in black on a white background.

‘Coming to a Theatre Near You’ at the bottom of the poster is in red, promoting the date of release. Red maybe representing the colour of blood and danger.

Appendix 1:

Our Gang / Little Rascals clips and images can be seen at the following links

Fig 1.

Fig 2.

Fig 3.

Fig 4.

Fig 5

Fig 6.

Fig 7.




Analysis of Film Posters

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Analysis of Film Posters

Having studied film posters this term, it is apparent that certain
forms and conventions are applied.

[IMAGE]The major forms and conventions of film posters could include:

A large title which attracts the eye, bold colours which stand out
from the background, intriguing picture which would attract viewers to
the film, persuasive language which might persuade the viewers to go
and see the film, using the main character's name for promotion, and
the certification will either to ensure that the right type of people
are watching the film.

An example of how different types of film (e.g. comedy, horror) poster
use these forms and conventions to attract a certain type of person
(e.g. teenagers, horror fans) would be a really scary horror film,
which will use eerie images in order to appeal to horror fans.

A successful film poster will accomplish attracting the target
audience and persuade them to come and watch the film.


Q.4i What words appear most noticeably on the poster and what makes
them so noticeable?

The language used on a film poster is also very important. The words,
which stand out most of the film poster "Breakfast at Tiffany's",
would be "Audrey Hepburn." Audrey Hepburn was a world famous actress,
this would be used as the largest text on the poster because she is
really famous, it would make people want to go and see it because it
is starring their favourite actress, so they can see how she acts it,
and see how luxurious her life is.

The denotations, connotations, institution and representation on the
poster "Breakfast at Tiffany's" would be the fact that she is really
elegant, glamorous and wealthy, this is represented by her long
cigarette in her mouth, very expensive looking black dress with part
of her leg showing and her shiny jewellery around her neck and on her

Q.4ii What affect would these words being so noticeable have on the
target audience and why?

This would affect it being so noticeable to a specific target audience

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because if the film advertisers know that if Audrey Hepburn is a major
women's role model, they will highlight her name to persuade viewers
to watch the film, so they will choose to see this film rather than

Q.5i What are the denotations and their connotations on this poster?


The second studied film poster was for Reservoir Dogs. The
connotations and denotations made on this film would be that they are
dressed in black, all wearing the same, smart suits etc. This would
connote that they are possibly gangsters. They are also all in a line,
which demonstrates that they are organised and well prepared, while
looking ready for a challenge.

Q.5ii How were colours/semiotics were used in this poster and why?

The colours/semiotics were used in this poster to show simplicity and
possibly death (from their black suits) Their white shirts have been
changed colour, to the same as the background to connote heat and
conflict and to highlight the film title, because it is the only
bright colour used on that poster. The red is used to connote
bloodshed The target audience for this film would be for older
teenagers, to middle aged men, who are interested in the gangster
lives they have, and to see how the action unfolds.

Q.6i What representations are trying to be made in this poster?

In this poster, the representations being made would be that they are
part of the gang, because they are all wearing the same clothes,
sunglasses and are dressed all in black. It might also indicate that
they could be possible drug dealers or involved in crime. This would
attract to this target audience because it is very simple looking and
would make them curious to know what the film is all about. It will
also appeal to their danger-loving side.

Q.6ii What institution made the film?

The institution of this film would be Miramax. They would attract the
target audience by using star-power and gangster strap lines, which
would encourage the viewers to watch it.

Q.7i What words appear most noticeably on the poster and what makes
them so noticeable?

The most noticeable words which appear on the poster would be the
title "reservoir dogs" This title stands out the most because of its
large size and bold colours. The colour red could represent the colour
of blood. These words being so noticeable would affect the target
audience because it causes simplicity for the person looking at the
poster and makes them remember the title.

"5 total strangers, team up for the perfect crime. They don't know
each other's names. But they have each others number." This strap line
for the film is very catchy, as it brings a certainty of mystery as it
makes you wonder; what will they be trying to achieve, and how come
they are not allowed to know each other's names.

The stars surnames will be a large part of their advertisement poster
as it mentions the famous characters. They do not just use the first
name because the actors may have had parents or family who could have
also been famous actors etc.

The film poster created for this assignment's for a film called
H.A.W.K, which is a horror film about a mass-murderer who has escaped
from a top security prison. The objective was to create a poster that
successfully applied the forms and conventions of film advertisement
in order to attract a specific target audience.

The denotations and connotations from this film would be a green
outline of a man who is holding a gun in his right hand; this would
represent mystery and danger. Also creating a feel of being scared and

The only semiotics we used for the poster would be the green outlines,
which is used not only on the image, but also on the title. The green
outlines were used to highlight the body. I chose this colour as I
felt it represented caution and danger. In other words, to stay as far
away from this man as possible.

The target audience this would attract would be teenagers through to
the early-thirty year olds, I chose this particular audience because
this age group generally watches the most films, and are more
interested in horror films than any other.

My film is rated because I feel that it contains language and scenes
that are unsuitable for viewers under the age of 18.

The representations that are made on my film would be a large man in
the dark, with a green outline around his body. This would represent a
scary and harmful man who is looking to murder.

This would attract my target audience because for all the viewers who
love horror films, it gives them a brief idea of what they are in for
if they watch this film.

The institution of this film is called ME$H

The institutional tactics I used for my film poster would be to add
the main characters surnames as part of the advertisement, but I also
used some catchy slogans involved as well. This would work because the
green outline would attract to their attention, and look in more
detail about it.

The type of language I used was emotive, the slogan "viewer beware,
your in for a scare" would work well because if they see that it is a
horror film, they will go and watch it, and they will easily know it
is a horror film by the vicious green outline glow.

The only font I have used on the poster is from a website, which so
happens to be called horror. The only colours I have used are green
and black, which is affective as it makes the writing really stand

Overall in making my poster, I am very pleased with my achievements.
Being particularly pleased in the way I made the image and writing
stand out from the background. I am delighted with every aspect of it,
and not having any regrets about my theme idea etc.

Generally speaking, I think it will attract my chosen target audience
because looking at other horror movies, I feel as if I have
accomplished everything that they have achieved.

What I learnt about the role film posters play in the success of a
film is that they can either attract or discourage the chosen target
audience, they are also a great way to advertise.

Based on my poster, I think that my film would do really well, as u
can imagine the frightful things the murderer would do. I feel it
would really appeal to the chosen age-group as it comes across as a
really scary movie.

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