Essay Questions For The Witch Of Blackbird Pond

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1. The Nature of Freedom
What does it mean to be free? While The Witch of Blackbird Pond focuses on the personal, it is impossible for anyone in a colonial setting, even a young woman like Kit, to pursue her personal desires without running into the question of what it means to be free. This is first brought home to her when she jumps in the water. Physical activity, specifically swimming, is something she had taken for granted, but in her new home swimming brings fear and social disapproval. A simple act, thoughtlessly taken, leads directly to Kit’s eventual trial for witchcraft. In other areas, Kit’s new home seems lacking in freedom as well; she has to go to two worship services in a day, whether she wants to do so or not, and she has to work like she never did in Barbados. It seems to Kit that to be free she will either have to escape, through marrying William, or accept isolation, as Hannah does. What is freedom, then, in this new colonial world? What does it mean to be free?

2. The Cost of Freedom
Closely related to the question of what it means to be free are these questions: what does it cost to be free, and who pays that cost? Kit’s leisure in the West Indies was purchased in part through the labor of her slaves. In her uncle’s eyes, the “freedom” she knew from regular worship services would also have a cost, namely her eternal soul. Likewise, the freedom Kit has had from thinking about certain ideas (slavery, the rights of the king, what it means to be a subject) is purchased with passivity and ignorance. To learn about these topics is to experience new responsibilities in regards to them. One might say that every freedom in the novel comes with a price, whether it is Nat risking being whipped or Matthew Wood having to eat his pride. What, then, is Speare saying about the nature of freedom? A more complex version of that question might be to argue that Speare is saying...

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Essay Topic 1

Please describe Kit's first interaction with Hannah. What is Kit's initial reaction to Hannah? How does Kit's view and opinion of Hannah change in the course of their first meeting? Throughout the novel? Why?

Essay Topic 2

The role of women in the Colonies involved a lot of work. Please give some examples from the text that show the role of women. Compare and contrast the ways Kit adapts to this and her ability to do the work required to Judith and her ability.

Essay Topic 3

Please note who the main character is in "The Witch of Blackbird Pond" and list at least four minor characters and their roles in the story. How do these characters contribute to the story? Why are they included?

Essay Topic 4

Please define conflict in the literary sense. Outline the main conflict in "The Witch at Blackbird Pond," and use at least...

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