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Sometimes, an urge to rest passively is overwhelming; the most common reason for this is fatigue, as the fast pace of metropolitan life requires people to push themselves to the limit on a daily basis. In such cases, there is nothing wrong with a wish to spend several calm hours doing nothing. However, there is a category of people whose entire lifestyle can be described by the slang phrase “couch potato.” Mostly, such people prefer to act as passive spectators of life, and though the masses do not consider laziness to be significant misconduct—treating it mostly as a forgivable weakness—this personality trait can cause severe negative effects both on an individual and on his or her surroundings.

A definition provided by Oxford Dictionaries describes laziness as the quality of being unwilling to work or use energy; and while unwillingness to work seems to affect only one sphere of an individual’s life—his or her career—having no intention to spend one’s energy seems to have a negative impact in multiple areas.

Laziness negatively affects an individual’s relationships with their boss and/or colleagues, due to certain behavioral standards that lazy people usually develop at work. In particular, lazy

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What is laziness?

Many people didn’t think about this question and have wrong understanding of what laziness is. Some of us just accepted it, continue living with their laziness, and don’t make attempts to fight with it. Y’all who are reading this article –well done! You are on the right track. This article gives you useful tips and will teach you some tricks that can help you overcome your laziness and bring you back to life.

Laziness is inherent in every one of us. Everyone likes to feel sorry for himself, giving same promises that “starting from Monday” I will quit smoking, visit gym, start writing a dissertation, etc. We just deceive ourselves, and as result we continue being inactive thus encouraging our laziness.

It’s not easy to overcome it. In this fight you will have to put lots of efforts and stay strong; you have to force yourself to action, find motivation, and stay persistent or otherwise these attempts won’t have long-lasting effect.

Find motivation

Everyone has individual reason to start fighting laziness. Even if it seems that nothing or no one who can motivate you – it’s not true; below are presented top five motivational arguments that will make you sink into a reverie and start fighting!

1) Desire to prove your parents that you are worth something, that you can achieve every goal you set for yourself, etc. Does it sound familiar to you? It’s time to change their opinion! Every parent wants the best for his child and dreams to see his success; the most clear evidences of your efforts are good grades at school, obtaining scholarship, successful graduation and brilliant career. If you are searching for motivation to start working on your thesis, consider turning to special services that provide help writing a dissertation. It will be good place to start!

2) Desire to achieve bigger success in life. This is one of the most common arguments that motivate many students to act; in such situation it’s easy to get rid of laziness. Just think of what goals you want to achieve, follow your dreams, think about your “perfect future” and reluctance to do anything will go into the background.

3) Desire to master your profession to perfection. Where, if not in the university, you can do it? Professors will help you in this matter; still we understand that it’s not possible to do and know everything, it’s okay if you allow yourself to ask for help if it’s needed. Such help can be found at thesis writing service, where you can feel free to ask for help, advice or learn more about effective writing from professionals.

4) Desire to outdo everyone who doesn’t believe in you. This point is the biggest incentive to not be lazy and tirelessly work, develop new skills, study well, etc. Still not always it is possible to make up for lost knowledge, at this step, buying dissertation or other paper can bring you more benefits.

5) Desire to prove your better half that you are worthy and perspective husband or wife. Every person wants to show their best side in relationships; remember that men, just like women, don’t love fools!

Eliminating the laziness you become free

That's all, we’ve covered the most important nuances that can help every one of you to start fighting and win this battle. Last thing I want to mention – do never give up because once you overcome it – you will see new horizons and opportunities in life. You can reach any heights that will remain impossible to lazy people. Don’t be lazy doing any work that is needed to reach your goals.

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