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If you’re a high school senior or current college student, you’re probably wading through a ton of scholarship applications. Do a lot of them have essays? Whether it’s a personal statement, discussing a time you displayed leadership, arguing for or against a topic, there are certain strategies and tips you can utilize to make sure all your essays are the best they can be. Read on to discover 5 tips to help you write your best scholarship essay yet!

Read Past Winning Essays

This is a great starting point to help you get an understanding of scholarship essays. Take some time to search for winning scholarship essays, or see if the scholarships you’re applying for have published past winners. This will give you an idea on what the scholarship committee is looking for.

Make a List

Need to write a personal statement or essay focusing on yourself? Start off by making a list of any interesting hobbies, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, big life accomplishments and interests, skills and activities that set you apart. Making a list will help you get everything written down, then you can start to pick and choose what you should include.

Take Your Time

Whatever you do, don’t rush through writing your essay! You don’t need to spend months crafting the perfect sentences, but writing your essay in a few hours probably won’t help you win. If it’s still a while until deadlines hit, make yourself a schedule and stick with it. Give yourself about a week to work on ideas, an outline and the actual writing, another week to have someone proof read and edit, and a few days to make your final changes and submit.

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 Skim Through a Dictionary

Feeling like you use the same words over and over? Take a moment to skim through a dictionary to pick up a few new words to sprinkle throughout your essay. You can also find great word replacements by using to look up synonyms. This will help you expand your word usage and keep your essay fresh and diverse. 

 Walk Away for a Few Days

Sometimes you just get stuck. If you’re feeling uninspired or just can’t find the right words, walk away from your essay for a few days. Give your brain a break to let it refresh and get the creative juices flowing again. This can also help you between the writing and editing phase; you might see edits or changes you wouldn’t without a fresh mindset. 

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AGR Insurance Brokers Scholarship


This fund was established in 1997 by AGR Insurance Brokers, formerly Groulx-Allianz Insurance Brokers, partners of the Alumni Association of the University of Ottawa, and by Allianz Canada to help students in financial need. AGR Insurance Brokers has a network of offices throughout Ontario and Quebec. Allianz Canada is part of the Allianz Worldwide organization doing business in over 39 countries. The donors wish to thank the Alumni Association of the University of Ottawa and the Government of Ontario for their matching contributions.


To provide financial assistance to students whose education would otherwise be compromised.


Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must:

1. attend the University of Ottawa on a full-time or part-time basis;

2. meet the Ontario residency requirement, as per OSAP [2] rules; and

3. demonstrate financial need, as determined by the Financial Aid and Awards Service of the University of Ottawa.

Value of the award: Minimum $1,500

Number of awards: Variable

Frequency of the award: Annual

Level or program of study: All levels

Application contact: Financial Aid and Awards Service

Application deadline: October 31

  • Note : To be considered for this scholarship, you must apply through the ‘ Multiple Financial Need Bursaries ‘ (99932)

[1] OSOTF: Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund

[2] OSAP: Ontario Student Assistance Program

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