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The Characteristics of Florentine Painting as Reflected in the Work of Masaccio

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The Characteristics of Florentine Painting as Reflected in the Work of Masaccio

The Italian Renaissance was one of the most productive periods in the history of art, with large numbers of outstanding masters to be found in many centres and in all the major fields painting, sculpture, and architecture. In Florence, in the first half of the fifteenth century, there were great innovators in all these fields, whose work marked a beginning of a new era in the history of art. These innovators included Masaccio in painting,

It was Masaccio (1401-28) who, in his brief and amazing career, was the real successor of Giotto and revolutionized Florentine painting.
He too gave his figures a grave and noble dignity. His frescoes in the
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Artists consider an increasing amount, the relationship with the spectator this is clearly shown in the picture of the trinity and tribute money by Masaccio. Although Masaccio did not display this particular characteristic in any of his known paintings many
Florentine artists made religious figures depicted with an individual appearance. Again the painting of the Trinity depicts another characteristic and that is that of adding weight by using classical features and forms. There is a very strong depiction of emotions and human feeling which is a very effective feature in paintings; again
Masaccio visibly portrays this in the expulsion from Eden. Last of all there is a clear innovation and development of mathematical system of perspective. This particular attribute is portrayed strongly in many pictures of Masaccio’s , trinity, evangelic annunciation and ucceo flood. For my first charactersitic in which I will look more in depth into will be the Innovation and development of mathematical and scientific system of perspective. In the Renaissance, art and science were closely connected. Both the artist and the scientist strove for the mastery of the physical world, and the art of painting profited by two fields of study that may be called scientific: anatomy, which made possible a more accurate representation of the human body, and mathematical perspective. Perspective in painting is the rendering on

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    Tommaso Cassai Masaccio

It is interesting to note that while the halos are indeed tipped to one side, to show them as real physical objects, that they are even in the painting at all. Some suggest because of Masaccio's talent and his ability to portray characters so life like in his paintings, he needed something to mark them as religious figures and felt obligated to put something in the painting to designate them as such.

The semi-circle around Jesus is probably a mathematical tribute to the wisdom of God. Jesus is depicted in the center of his disciples and the use of the semi-circle, although a classical pagan tradition could be intended to show the perfect grace of the divine.

This painting is not the first time Masaccio had used linear perspective, but it has been his best to incorporate not only the technique but also his preferred uses or likes, detail and shapes that we see lacking in his "Trinity."

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