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In Cold Blood:Death Penalty Essay

In Cold Blood: Death Penalty

Capital Punishment has been part of the criminal justice system since the

earliest of times. The Babylonian Hammurabi Code(ca. 1700 B.C.) decreed death

for crimes as minor as the fraudulent sale of beer(Flanders 3). Egyptians

could be put to death for disclosing the location of sacred burial


3). However, in recent times opponents have shown the death penalty to be

racist, barbaric, and in violation with the United States Constitution as

'...cruel and unusual punishment.' In this country, although laws governing the

application of the death penalty have

undergone many changes since biblical times, the punishment endures , and

controversy has never been greater.

A prisoner's death wish cannot grant a right not otherwise possessed.

Abolitionists maintain that the state has no right to kill anyone; . The right

to reject life imprisonment and choose death should be respected, but it

changes nothing for those who oppose the death at the hands of the state.

The death penalty is irrational- a fact that should carry considerable weight

with rationalists. As Albert Camus pointed out, ' Capital punishment....has

always been a religious punishment and is reconcilable with humanism.' In

other words, society has long since left behind the archaic and barbous'

customs' from the cruel

'eye for an eye' anti-human caves of religion- another factor that should

raise immediate misgivings for freethinkers.

State killings are morally bankrupt. Why do governments kill people to show

other people that killing people is wrong? Humanity becomes associated with

murderers when it replicate their deeds. Would society allow rape as the

penalty for rape or the burning of

arsonists' homes as the penalty for arson?

The state should never have the power to murder its subjects. To give the

state this power eliminates the individual's most effective shield against

tyranny of the majority and is inconsistent with democratic principles.

Family and friends of murder victims are further victimized by state

killings. Quite a few leaders in the abolishment movement became involved

specially because someone they loved was murdered. Family of victims

repeatedly stated they wanted the murderer to die. One of the main reasons- in

addition to justice- was they

wanted all the publicity to be over. Yet. if it wasn't for the sensationalism

surrounding an execution, the media exposure would not have occurred in the

first place. Murderers would be quietly and safely put away for life with

absolutely no possibility for parole.

The death penalty violates constitutional prohibitions against

cruel and unusual punishment. The...

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The Role of Capital Punishment in the Book, In Cold Blood

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The death penalty is killing people for their murderous action. A book called In Cold Blood talked about people dying or being robbed. Two people named Perry and Dick did that, and now they sent themselves to jail and will get the death penalty for what they did. What they suggest for the death penalty now is rich never hang. Only poor and friendless, finding guilty people to death penalty, and defendants that stand up to the jury will get the death penalty.
The first of In Cold Blood’s death penalty is. “The rich never hang. Only the poor and friendless.” (257) It’s saying that the rich should not be guilty but the poor does because they’re poor and would do anything to become rich. So they’re saying in the quote that the rich should be trusted by people and not the poor and friendless. Another is “This was a matter I knew I would be called upon to decide, and my decision has not been arrived at lightly” (257) The man that says in the quote is that he new that they will call on him to decide for them. It’s saying that they trust in him to decide if or if not to kill them in the death penalty or not. But his choice of deciding is unknown to him.
The other part of In Cold blood’s death penalty is. “I will request the jury, upon finding them guilty, to sentence them to the death penalty.” (257) They’re saying in the quote that
whoever been requested to go in front the jury will be sent to the death penalty. It’s saying that they will talk only for a while then just jump the conclusion that he or she is guilty and just kill them without reason. Also that they don’t trust a lot of people. The second is “If the defendants waive right to jury trail and enter a plea of guilty before the judge, I will request the judge to set the death penalty.” (257) It’s saying that id a defendants stands up in front of the jury and try to defend the guilty person that is about to go to the death penalty, will also be sent to the death penalty too. Or that the defendant joins the judge that are guilty then they will be sent to the death penalty.
The last part of In Cold Blood’s death penalty is.

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“This is especially true since in Kansas there is no such thing as life imprisonment without possibility of parole.”(258) They’re talking about what Kansas do to there prisoner, and there trying to do the same thing. So they compare themselves to Kansas and they think that Kansas is great since they don’t have mercy, but they do. So now they are talking about it if they should follow it or not. Another quote is “persons sentenced to life imprisonment actually serve, on the average, less then fifteen years.” (258) What they're saying is what Kansas do in the Imprisonment is making them into slaves for them and do almost anything that they want them to do. Also that Kansas was doing it for fifteen years on their slaves.
So the death penalty that was suggested are rich people never hang. Only poor and friendless, finding out of the guilty people sent to the death penalty, and defendant that stands up to the jury is sent to the death penalty. SO the quotes here are saying that people that are poor and friendless aren’t to be trusted. That the guilty people that was requested by the jury is sent to the death penalty, and the defendants the stand up to the jury is send to the death penalty. So the death penalty are people who are poor and friendless, people who are guilty, and defendants that are against the jury are all sent to the death penalty.

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