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What is Sample Size?

     Sample size refers to the number of subjects or participants studied in a trial, including the treatment and control groups, where applicable. Sample size refers to the specific size of the group or groups being studied in your research. The intended sample size is the number of participants planned to be included in your study. This number is not arbitrary and sample size is usually determined by using a power analysis.


     The sample size should be adequate to provide a high probability of detecting as significant an effect size of a given magnitude if such an effect actually exists. Once you have conducted a power analysis you will know the exact sample size needed for your study. The achieved sample size is the number of participants that are actually enrolled in or complete the study. Generally, the larger the sample size, the more reliable the study results are, and the more likely it is that the results can be generalized to other people.  Calculate Your Sample Size Today
Why Calculating Sample Size is Important

     A power analysis can help you determine how large of a sample you need to make accurate statistical conclusions. To determine if a statistical test will have adequate power, analyses to calculate how large of a sample is required must be conducted before you begin your study. Sample size calculation can provide you with the appropriate number of participants you will need to address your research question properly.  Determining sample size is a very important issue because samples that are too large may waste time, resources and money, while samples that are too small may lead to inaccurate results. Without a power analysis, you will not know if your proposed sample size is too large or too small.


     A sample size that is too small will not allow you to properly address your research questions with your proposed statistical analysis. A sample size that is too large will cause you to waste important time or financial resources. To avoid either of these scenarios, you must conduct a power analysis. Calculating sample size can help you determine the ability of your study to detect any effects. We can conduct your power analysis for you to determine the sample size needed to adequately address your research question using the appropriate statistical test(s). This information is important for any study and can save you valuable resources and time.  Determine Your Sample Size Today
How to Determine Sample Size

     Sample size is generally calculated with a power analysis. To calculate your sample size you will need certain information. The information needed to calculate sample size will depend on the statistical test you plan to use. Irrespective of the statistical test you plan to use in your study, you will need to know the desirable effect size to determine sample size. Remember that it takes huge samples to detect tiny differences but tiny samples to detect huge differences, so you have to specify the size of the effect you are trying to detect.  You will also need to know the alpha level you want to use for the statistical test (e.g. alpha=.05) to determine sample size. If you plan to use regression analysis in your study you will need to know the number of predictors that will be included in your regression model to calculate sample size.  Calculate Your Sample Size Today
Let Us Help You Calculate Sample Size

      We recommend consulting with someone who is knowledgeable about sample size calculation and who can explain the various components of conducting a power analysis. Sample size calculation will also vary depending on the type of statistical test you are using. Given the importance of determining sample size, it is important that sample size calculations are conducted properly. If you are unsure about the steps mentioned, then let us help you calculate your study's sample size. We can also help you decide which statistical tests to choose for your study. 

Calculate Your Sample Size Today

Finance Dissertation Writing Help, Topics & Ideas By Dissertation First

Writing a finance dissertation can become a structured process if the topic chosen is unique, relevant as well as engaging. A lot depends upon the type of topic you choose and as a finance management student, you are expected to dwell deeper into the topic and come out with relevant reasoning. Finance dissertation holds lot of weight and requires you to be very sincere in approach towards making this task a gateway to better grades.

Finance Dissertation Topics for College and University Students

Finance is a broad area and requires management student to take any of its aspect and write a dissertation. Some of the important sub-fields and related to finance dissertation topics are:

Financial cost accounting

Cost and finance are unimaginable without each other. Major role of a finance study is to do cost analysis and so with the help of dissertations, he tries to master this technique.

  • Cost accounting fundamentals and their role in starting a project
  • Important tools of financial planning
  • Importance of cost data and how it contributes to better financial planning
  • Strategic cost accounting: Why it is important
  • Ways to control inventory cost and their significance
  • Financial resource: company ownership and financial planning


Microfinance is the field devoted to making low income group self-sufficient with the help of providing loans to them. Financial inclusion is quite a popular topic and a number of policies are being made to ensure that the banking and related products are available to the needy people too - thus, need is to make them affordable.

  • Role of banking in microfinance
  • How needy people are benefitted through microfinance principles
  • Understanding cost structure and its importance in microfinance
  • Loans: How will you estimate the loan credibility of an upcoming organization
  • Financial exclusion: Evaluation of market-driven causes
  • Challenges related to full-fledged development of microfinance market
  • Evolution of microfinance: evaluation of change in microfinance trends
  • Islamic banking and its impact on UK economy 

Equity finance

Equity financing is the method of raising capital by way of selling ownership rights or a portion of these to the investors. Investors own a small share in the company’s stake in lieu of the investment it makes in the organization.

  • Role of shareholders in developing brand equity
  • Value relevance in UK markets
  • Factors affecting individual investor behaviour
  • Relationship between stock market development and economic growth
  • Devaluation of stocks: assess all factors behind it
  • Impact of stock exchange on cementing industry in UK
  • Fundamentals and stock returns in UK
  • Comparative analysis of indicators of stock returns

Corporate Governance

The system of rules, practices and policies that contribute towards betterment of company image. Corporate governance practices are sure shot way of giving comfort feel to the investors that they are associated with right kind of people. Some important corporate governance topics as suggested by our dissertation helpers are:

  • Business ethics and their importance in capital finance
  • How corporate governance helps in attracting investors
  • Can ethical practices help in building brand equity? Explore.
  • Quality of corporate governance and financial performance

Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign direct investment means controlling the ownership or part of it in an organization by an entity functional in foreign country. FDIs are relevant in present scenario where lots of focus is on extending financial help to the organizations in developing countries. Foreign Direct Investment topics which our dissertation writers have mastered are:

  • Foreign Direct Investment: Is this a boon or a bane?
  • Pattern of foreign direct investment in UK markets
  • Impact of FDI on economic growth of developing countries
  • Foreign Direct Investment and its role in creating employment opportunities
  • FDI: Analysis of government policies towards attracting FDI

Corporate taxation

Corporate taxation is a complete branch dedicated to various issues surrounding taxes which a company is liable to pay on the profits earned by it during a financial year. Various factors work behind the alteration of corporate tax structure and our dissertation help providers have their say on the topics such as:

  • Economics of corporate income taxation
  • Taxes and their impact on investment making
  • Corporate taxes and business ethics
  • Effect of corporate tax on business behaviour
  • Flat tax structure: Its relevance in reducing compliance cost
  • Strategies to prevent corporate tax fraud
  • Corporate tax audit - its role in controlling business cost

These Finance dissertations were submitted to us by students, which can help and inspire you.

  • Micro-finance Sample: Microfinance refers to the requirement of banking services by poverty-concentrated advertisement institutions acknowledge as microfinance institutions (MFIs).
  • Importance Of Budge Planning For Organizations sample:The purpose of the thesis is to project light on the greatness of budget planning for organizations.
  • Budget Cuts in Holiday inn Brentwood due to Recession Sample: In the situation of recession, it is very significant for hotels to determine efficient strategies to minimize the influence recession and budget cut.
  • Windward Investment Management Case Analysis Sample : This report analyzes an investment management company, Windward.

Writing Finance dissertation require expertise and experience in various fields which Dissertation First is providing to students to complete their dissertation using expert and second to none native English speaking representatives in the word.

Reach us for getting all sorts of dissertation topics

We have a rich repertoire of dissertation topics and examples that are based on recent topics. Our services are not limited to providing help in choosing topics, but are extended to writing, editing and proof-reading the dissertations. If you got stuck on any aspect of dissertation writing, we can provide you the best possible help. Our dissertation writing service keeps a sharp eye on recent trends, updated university norms as well as dissertation structures so that you get the best possible help when you need it the most.

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